The Unique Survival Network

General Information

The Unique Survival Network is a Minecraft-Server Network with multiple Servers focusing on a unique survival-experience. The proxy runs on Bungeecord and the game servers themself run the latest Paper for the 1.15.2.

New Players

When you join the first time on the survival-server, use the /wild command to port you to a random spot in the wilderness. After that, it would be a good idea, to use the /sethome <homename> command, to set a home. You can always teleport back to your homes using the command /home <homename>.

Your inventories are kind of safe! When you die, a grave is generated. It contains your inventory a percentage of your XP and money. Also, you can teleport your self to your grave for $500(in-game money)! The commands and more detailed explanations can be found in these documents.