Commands and Plugins

On this page you can find everything about the commands and plugins that players need to know.

Moving between worlds/ servers

You always join on the hub-server. On the hub, you can use the compass to connect to the server, you want to play on. On the survival-server, you can use the listed commands and in addition to that, the survival-server has portals that teleport you to other worlds on the survival-server (nether, end, etc.). With warps, you can use the warps, to quickly teleport to pre-defined places.




ports you to the hub-server


ports you to the world-spawn

/warp <warp>

port you to a warp


list all warps


ports you into the wilderness

Standard-portals are forbidden to use thus they are disabled.


When you just type a message in the chat, it gets sent to the local chat. That means, only players on the same server as you are, can read this message. On the other hand, you can use the global chat to chat with everyone who is online on the Unique Survival Network.

Also, you can send private messages to single players across the Network.





/l <message>

send a server-wide message


/g <message>

send a global message


/msg <recipient> <message>

send a private message to a player


/r <message>

answer the latest private message

Use the /msg and /r commands if you don't want to get on other players nerves when you just want to chat with one player.

Helpful Tweaks

Here are some helpful commands to enhance your gameplay.



/ut toggle

/ut toggle

toggles fast wood cutting



opens graves gui


/sethome <home-name>

set your home (max 2)


/home <home-name>

port yourself to the selected home


/kit starter

Gives you the starter Kit on the Survival-Server

You also set a home, when you sleep in a bed


When you die, a grave will be generated at the position of your death. In your chat, you will find the exact coordinates of the grave. Also, you can use /graves to open a menu where you can see all your graves and their positions. When you left-klick a grave on the menu, you get teleported to your grave. but this will cost 500 in-game-currency. Other players can loot your grave too. But when they loot your grave, there will be a zombie spawned to take revenge.


Land-claiming is chunk-based. You can do /c claim, to claim a chunk. When you have claimed a chunk, you have 10 minutes to build a power-cell.

To create a power-cell you place a chest and fill it like in Figure 1. A power-cell is a chest, which must be filled with diamonds and iron_ingots to keep your claim claimed. Also, it is used as the control panel for your claim. Here you can toggle settings like PVP, leaf-decay, visitor-settings, etc.. The Hologram above the power-cell indicates how long your claim stays claimed with the resources you put in.

(Figure 1) Creating a power cell
(Figure 2) The power-cell's control panel. [right-click the power-cell to open]

Servers/ Worlds


The survival-server houses multiple worlds.

  • The main-world

  • The FarmWorld

  • The Nether

  • The End

On the main-world, you can play casually and are allowed to create small mines. But for long mining-seassions etc., you must use the Farm-World. You can find a portal to the FarmWorld on the /spawn.The Farmworld and the Nether are reset regularly.

Never build, mine, grief, etc. too close to the main world's spawn.

mcMMO (Skills)

mcMMO introduces skills and abilities into Minecraft enhancing the native mechanics while extending the gameplay in ways that feel natural and require no client mods. mcMMO offers RPG experiences, leaderboards and parties. --

Also, mcMMO introduces the party-system to our server. You can level up your party and get new features.





Check party information


/party create

Create a party

/party create <party-name> <password>

/party join

Join a players party

/party join <player> <password>

/party invite

Invite a player to join your party

/party invite <player>

/party accept

Accept a party invite

/party accept <player>

/party password

Set a password for the party you currently own

/party password <password>

/party kick

Kick a player from the party

/party kick <player-name>

/party owner

Set a player as the party owner

/party owner <player-name>

/party expshare

Set the party share mode

/party expshare [none/equal]

/party lock

Lock the party

/party unlock

Unlock the party

/party q

Quit the party you're currently in

/party ?

More information about parties

/party rename

rename your party

/party rename <new-name>

/party alliance

create alliances with other parties

/party alliance